I recently saw something like this in Atlantic City at Nike’s factory outlet store, I loved it so much that it inspired me to do one of my own for Nike Basketball.  I’ve done a lot of mock Nike projects in the past year in hopes to actually get to do work for them someday!
Google Fudge.
Just playing around with some hand lettering in Illustrator.
Just because football season is over, does’t mean I can’t still make some art about it!
Ink Wash on Watercolor Paper
Illustration of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow for an Australian promotion company for one of their night clubs called Sorry Grandma.
Woah dude. Playing around with some different illustration techniques. Trying to change up my style slightly.
Illustration of a bunch of tigers battling it out to the death. Played around with a few different color options for this one.
Street Sharks! 
Another illustration inspired my the movie Running Man.  
Illustration for Phawker.com for a column written by one of their interns who now works in Hollywood.
Cover illustration for The Stranger’s free guide to Bumbershoot AD Aaron Huffman
Baltimore animals pattern
Personal piece.  No real concept behind this one, just really wanted to draw both of these things!